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Ruby Soho

Jesse Rivest - Ruby Soho - cover art

Prerelease note

To be released on November 18, 2021.

Words from Jesse

My first-ever stylized, recorded and released cover song! I've actually been playing this song for about a decade. In 2011, my friend, Shannon, asked if I could play this Rancid song; of course, it wasn't in my repertoire, and it was very far from my style. I took that as an opportunity to try it on, and I came up with this version. I recorded a simple video of it in Montreal and posted it on Youtube. I have never released a recorded cover song for legal issues—or shall I say for lack of understanding the legalities of such an endeavour. However, in 2021 I came to understand the Music Modernization Act in the USA and how it affected me globally; I decided it was my time to release a cover song. I may even release some more!

Track listing

  1. Ruby Soho (3:25)
    T0702493035 - © I Want to Go Where the Action Is Music 1995 (ASCAP)
    CA-6P8-21-00004 - © Jesse Rivest 2021 (PPL)

This recording: catalog number JRIVEST07, © Jesse Rivest 2021, All Rights Reserved
UPC/EAN: 0198001541285
Released: November 18, 2021
Note: CA-6P8-21-00003 was lost in a distributor/Spotify mix-up during an attempt to release a single in October. Ruby Soho could have been CA-6P8-21-00003 but, because of the previous error, it became CA-6P8-21-00004.


Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Rivest at his Little Bakery Studio in Brasilia, DF, Brazil.
Song sung by Jesse Rivest.
Acoustic guitar played by Jesse Rivest.
Album cover photograph by Jesse Rivest.
Album cover layout by Jesse Rivest.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Jane Lino for being supportive, always. Also, she helped me take the cover photo.
Thanks to Tico de Moraes for lending his ears and his supportive words.


Back cover

Jesse Rivest - Ruby Soho - back cover

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