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Canada Summer 2022

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House Concerts? August 2022?

I know, those are question marks. That's because I still need to form audiences and venues to make these shows happen. I'd really like to make these shows happen! The platform I've chosen to facilitate this is Side Door Access, and I'll be available the following dates.

  • August 8 – 12: Montreal
    • <still looking>
  • August 16 – 25: Kelowna/Okanagan
    • Aug 21, 13:00 – 15:00 @ Kettle River Brewing
      Open to the public—come have a beer or a snack and hear some music!
      Come say hi 👋
      Facebook event
  • August 27 – Sept 2: Hamilton (Toronto)
    • <still looking>

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If you have the time, interest, or means to help make one of the shows happen, then please e-mail me, leave me a voice message, or connect with me on Side Door.
See my contact page for e-mail or phone.
Let's make it happen!

Get to know my tunes

That's easy—even if you don't use Spotify you'll see the songs I've chosen for you to get to know:
A brief intro to: Jesse Rivest

Some past house concerts