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What am I doing now?

Updated January 23, 2024.
(This is a now page in the style of Derek Sivers.)

Looking for a job

After my time in Canada late 2023 and playing shows there, I'm broke. It was expensive! Conveniently, my computer died after a near-10-year run and I was able to buy a new one before leaving Canada. You do NOT want to buy a pro computer in Brazil, trust me. 💰💰💰 I had to borrow money for that computer, as I was already on a thin budget. That added to my overall costs, and let's not forget that flight prices have nearly tripled since before the pandemic. Needless to say, this particular time in Canada wasn't a sustainable one... but it was very fun and rewarding.

The kind of work I'm looking for is that which is most efficiently going to reward me for my devoted time: software engineering. I'm a trained and experienced full-stack developer/engineer, and that seems to be my most valuable (in strict money terms) offering to the world. If you know anyone who needs a full-stack developer, please let me know 😎 You could help fuel the next stages of my musical life!

If I can't record/produce, then...

Do you know what an audio interface is? It's the central facilitator and router in a recording studio; it is necessary for all preamps and mics to be recorded into the computer. My new computer is cutting edge, while my audio interface is nearly 15 years old. The manufacturer of my audio interface stopped supporting it years ago, which means there are no drivers available for it to function on my new computer. So, I need a new interface; for now, I'm broke.

For the foreseeable future, rather than produce recordings here at my studio, I'll focus on other musical things. I've been wanting to up my guitar game for a while now; last year I barely made any progress. This could be the year! I'd also like to up my vocal harmony game, as well as work on some aspects of my voice/guitar performance. I have enough video equipment and facility here to record myself frequently for analysis and improvement. Some videos may also be endearing enough to upload to social media and beyond. Let's see how it goes.

Scheming for more touring

This is starting to look like a New Year's resolutions list. Job/finances permitting, I'd quite like to tour more this year. I really liked last year—not just the performing part, but also the resulting new connections, friends, and potential collaborators I made. I'd like some more of that this year, and I am already planning it.