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March 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New website

Well, really it's just a revamp of the old website, which was too limited, fragmented and inconsistent. My new site has a unified theme throughout all pages, and most importantly it has all the navigational links on the left, and all the cool widgets on the right... on every page.

There's a few cool goodies added. In the right widget pane there's a search tool for finding content within, plus a Twitter widget for real-time updates from me - Twitter is pretty exciting stuff! Oh, and if you're on the news page or a blog page, then you'll also see Google Adsense appearing in the right widget pane... yup, I'm into making a bit of extra cash. In the left navigation pane, I've added photos and videos links, and the Subscribe section is where you can stay up to date with a variety of RSS feeds.

Okay, enough of working on websites (hopefully) and back to music. I'm scheduled to shoot a video tomorrow for Do It Now, and I'm currently investigating friends' studios for recording a new CD. And then there's the tour timeline for the next year to be worked on!

Ciao for now,


posted by Jesse @ 09:59 +1300

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