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October 2023

Saturday, October 28, 2023

New music, new merch, and shows

First, I have a handful of shows happening this November and December,in Canada, and I would really love to see you out at one! It's easy to share the details with your friends; head over to Shows and click on one 😎

Second, I have new merch available. My new wintry-warm LP, Distant December, will be streaming as of December 1; however, I have physical CDs ready now at my Merch page and with me at shows. And various colours of a cool new tee shirt!

Finally, the new music: the fabric of all this cloth. On November 3, my new track, Look at What You've Got, will be on your streaming release radar (you're following me on streaming, right?). This is a new winter/holiday song and is the first single off my new wintry-warm album LP mentioned above. If you're anxious and dig a little, you'll find that both the single and the new LP will be up on streaming already during the week leading up to either release date.

You will do me a world of good if you share this news with friends and family—the ones that are into this sorta thing 😎

I'll leave you with the following image—the cover of Distant December—which is a painting by brasiliense artist Paula Calderón. She did a great job! Also, there's me in one of my new tee shirts 😎

Jesse Rivest - Distant December - cover art
Jesse Rivest - Distant December - merch image

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