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May 2024

Tuesday, May 20, 2024

Join me this week or next

If you're in Brasilia, join me for free at the National Library of Brasilia on May 27! See my events page.

Lately I've been livestreaming and I've been getting a lot out of it; I get to work on my repertoire as well as analyze aspects of my performance. These are public performances... you're welcome to join me for free! I've developed a nice camera setup to make it warm and special. Each livestream has a five-minute, previously recorded segment showing some aspect of life in and around home or Brasília; I also tell some stories about a CD from my collection. You can find the next next scheduled livestreams at Youtube and Ursa Live (they are independent, not simulcast).

In June I'll probably take a break from the livestreaming, but I do aim to return to it perhaps in July. See below for a song captured from a previous livestream; also there are edited-down teaser videos from some of the past livestreams over at Youtube.

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